Golden State of Mind by Jenny Sharaf

Jenny Sharaf is a an artist born and raised in Los Angeles, currently living in San Francisco, CA.  Through painting, video, works on paper, and installations, Sharaf explores the mythology of the California girl, the role of the female artist, and the image of the 21st century woman in order to illuminate the evolving generational shifts of feminism and contemporary notions of the gaze.
The depiction of female iconography in her work is layered, something between want, desire, pain, and exhibitionism.  Working between figurative and abstraction, her imagery encompasses trashy reality media, sophisticated starlets, pop culture and abstract skin-referencing forms of bright color.  

While examining the complexity of feminism’s legacy, Sharaf works with images that reflect on this loaded history and explores her niche within a generation of women who are disconnected from that struggle.  As a California blonde herself, she maps a history of blondes in the media and adopts tropes of pop art, abstract expressionist painting and low-brow media. 

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

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+32° 26’ 40.00”, +130° 46’ 38.40”

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movie theatre bathrooms

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