back at home you just want to be alone. you’re married to the vultures. climb into the television, into the vile game show host’s cockpit mouth. tonight my lungs are hanging from a telephone wire, choking on the digits of a dial tone. my skeleton is outgrowing my skin.


Eclipse of December 21, 1889

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Camping in the woods.

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Drawn by a paranoid schizophrenic patient in an asylum.

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Adrian Tomine - Shortcomings, 2007

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"but women have sex organs on their chests! I don’t walk around with my pants off!"

I think what you mean to say is “women have secondary sex characteristics on their chests”, not sex organs

in which case let me remind you that your facial hair and enlarged adam’s apple are also secondary sex characteristics

if secondary sex characteristics bother you and you feel they should be covered up in public, please feel free to shove your entire head in a bag at any time

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girls all go to the bathroom together because that’s where we rap battle

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